Smartive BEMS System

BEMS is intended to store the electricity usage data of the hospital by dividing the electricity usage data on a day, monthly and yearly. BEMS can specifying the amount that can be saved in a certain period of time using various electricity via the IoT system and reducing energy consumption as specified by the user. Which can be rated as the location where the amount of energy is consumed.

MBM2 – Smart Meter

“Multi-branch SMART METER, MBM2 determines electrical power through measurement of electrical energy by Energy Measurement IC. MBM2 supports connections to a maximum of 48 circuits simultaneously and transmits periodically measured data of each individual circuit to any designated database via LAN based on IEEE1888 standard.”

“Multi Branch Smart Meter, MBM2 measuring and collecting the consumption of electric energy by using the specific Energy Measurement IC. MBM2 can measure upto 48 circuits simultaneously and transmits the measured data of each circuit periodically to designated database via LAN based on IEEE1888 standard.  “

MBM2 Features

  • Supports electrical measurement of 48 circuits maximum under Class 2 precision. (or 16 circuits per phase for 3-phase circuits).
  • Supports both wireless data transmission via LoraWAN and wired data transmission on LAN using UTP cable.
  • Transmits data on IEEE1888 standard (Open Standard).
  • Supports connection to 220-240V / 3-phase 4-wire circuits.
  • Supports standard current measurement of 60A maximum per circuit (with 100A and 400A options).
  • Low power consumption (4W).
  • Easy installation, using Split Core Current Transformer.
  • Small footprint (22.7 x 25.2 cm.) with light weight. Can be installed to MDB panel using high power magnets.